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ISBN: 9780446544177/9780446619233
February 2009
Forever, a division of Hachette Book Group
297 Pages
Fiction Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Jeff Eubanks was considered the typical playboy bachelor of them all and dating Babette was perfect. Since neither of them was prepared to take part in a committed relationship, it should have been the ideal liaison. Sadly, when Jeff decided he was ready to become more involved, Babette was not and their romance hit a sour note and both were left with hard feelings.

Those who know Babette Robinson realize that she can be a little flighty at times. So where does a grown woman with twenty-three lost jobs under her belt go after losing her latest employment because two men were fighting in wheelchairs over a woman? She starts her own love doctor business of course!

Babette gets the client of a lifetime. Unfortunately, it happens to be Jeff’s ex-fiancée, Kitty. Babette knows she will have to pull out all the stops to get her sexy ex to change his mind after he was left a month before his and Kitty’s wedding. The question is, who does she want him to change his mind about? Her or the woman he proposed to?

Ms. St. John has written a story that is packed with so many colorful people you will smile when their names are mentioned. While Babette and Jeff are the main characters, the lesser roles are filled with wonderful people from different walks of life. I loved how Rose is portrayed as the unique neighbor that spies on everyone, and Granny Gertrude is a woman unto her own. The witty banter thrown between Jeff and Babette is crammed with sexual tension and romance. Fans of Linda Howard and Susan Elizabeth Phillips will find a perfect comparison in Kelley St. John!

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