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ISBN# 1-60601-141-3
August 2008
Siren Publishing
125 Pages
Erotic Sci-Fi / Ménage à Trois Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Shane Rawls is a Marine and has seen a lot in the sixty years she has been in humankind’s military. She is a woman that is totally capable in any situation.

Sir Clemmons and Sir Landis are knights on their medieval world, and prior to seeing Shane’s small craft land, they had no idea that there even were other worlds.

When Shane's ship lands and she gets her first look at Clemmons and Landis, she darned near starts drooling. While the three become friends once Shaneʼs translator finally makes it possible for them to communicate, it is apparent to Shane that the two men are in a relationship. While she has fantasies about being with two men, she does not want to interfere in their relationship. But when she and Landis meet and their mutual attraction spills over into lovemaking, all hell breaks loose because Clemmons catches them, and then the dragon king has Shane kidnapped. Will the two men be able to resolve their feelings for each other and Shane, or will they die trying?

Whew! Ms. Aaron has done it again; her books just keep getting better and better. This is another great book with a solid story line. I could not put it down until I had finished the last line and I read it in one sitting. The author has a real gift for creating characters and you never feel as though you are reading the same characters just with a different story line. What else can I say? The men are positively drool worthy, the heroine is my favorite kind of take-no-prisoners but with a soft side kind of gal, the sex is enough to singe eyebrows, and there is plenty of action. What more could a reader ask for?

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