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ISBN# 0-7582-1653-X
April 2007
850 Third Ave, New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Brenden Wallace, a newly divorced vice cop, is very close to burnout. He has always ridiculed his sister Dani for her beliefs in witchcraft and the like, but he is about to change his mind.

Liadan Niamh has been enslaved to Auguste Maximilian for hundreds of years and is suicidal, refusing to feed. She meets Brenden, who is trying to find proof that she is a prostitute, and feeds for the first time in ages; it seems impossible, but she is in love with her master’s next victim.

An ancient evil roams Dordogne, Louisiana. Fleeing from slayers in Europe, master vampire Auguste Maximilian looks to re-establish himself in a new country far from the Wyr. But a descendent of the Wyr, whom one of his slaves has fallen in love with, lives right in town. Brenden Wallace is determined to end his reign before it begins.

This novel is an exciting roller coaster ride of a vampire tale. The erotic elements enhance the story rather than overpower it. The atmosphere of Dordogne is eerie and forbidding a good home for the creatures of the night. I loved Liaden and Brenden, though I wondered how a Hungarian girl got a Gaelic name. Liaden managed to maintain her personality, even enslaved for as long as she was and Brenden is a typical Alpha male hero. Dani is an unusual character, I cannot remember ever reading about a witch who works as a stripper, much less a whole club full of them. Auguste is one of the most evil villains I have yet come across. The Wyr were not very well explained, but then Brenden does not know much about them either, so it really is not a problem here. This is an exciting and erotic tale that fans of this genre will definitely enjoy.

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