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ISBN: 978-1-59632-543-2
September 11, 2007
Loose Id
143 Pages
Futuristic Shape Shifter / Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Dante Lotton is an Alpha on the run from Terran forces. He has the ability to shift from man to lion, which makes him a deviant according to Earth’s laws. They do not accept anyone who is not genetically engineered for a specific purpose.

Sophia Rousseau is the High Priestess for the Pleasure Academy. Saint Valentine has preordained her life and she takes her responsibilities very seriously. She must find a suitable Flame if she is to complete the most important ceremony of the year.

Dante cannot believe that he has entered the sacred sanctuary of a Pleasure Academy. He knows that the Terran military is in hot pursuit but the academy guards are just as formidable. The High Priestess herself has seen him but for some reason she decides to hide his true identity from Captain Neo Jolen of the Terran forces. She felt an immediate connection with the Alpha and knows that he could be her Flame for the ceremony. The priestess does not fool Neo but his sexual desire to find a Dominant is too powerful to ignore. He toys with Dante mercilessly but that just enhances the passion between Dante and Sophia and they are powerless to resist. They know that they are in grave danger, but the desire to become mates is all consuming.

This story is wildly erotic and sensual. Sophia may train pleasure servants for the populace, but her own desires must be kept in check until the Flame ceremony. However she risks her own life and happiness to save the academy. Dante is very confident in his sexuality. He submits to Neo’s desires because he believes it will ensure the safety of Sophia and her academy. These characters are intense and exciting. Ms. Savage burns up the pages with vividly described but ultimately sensual love scenes.

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