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ISBN# 0979045800
January 2007
WB Campbell Publications
P.O. Box 12 Pinole, CA 94806
$ 15.00
264 Pages
Christian fiction romance
Rating: 5 Cups


Julia Simone has been thru some very hard times. Her first husband died, leaving her a single parent; her second husband was an abusive man. She has overcome all those difficulties and is now very successful. Julia has everything she could ever want: a beautiful daughter, a loving family, a best friend, and is financially sound. The only thing missing from her life is a true love, but Julia has given up on ever finding that. Besides, she does not have time to get involved with someone.

Rev. Reginald Pennington is a man with a past that would surprise many. He is ashamed of his past, but he is now a different man. He is a man with a purpose, to spread the word of God. He has committed himself to his church, heart and soul. When his path crosses with Julia's, the electricity between them is very evident to everyone but him. He keeps her at arms length, wanting to be with her but telling himself he has no plans to get involved.

Julia and Reggie become fast friends after a business deal between her company and his church. At first, they tell themselves it is merely friendship, and then they become closer and things start to change. Julia’s feelings change when Reggie sends mixed signals. Each has a past that they must come to terms with; things for which they must forgive themselves in order to move forward. Life altering events bring surprises and sorrow that test their faith in God, themselves, and each other.

Absolutely spectacular! First Sunday in October was the most moving book I have ever read. I cried many tears while reading it. What an emotional rollercoaster Ms. Campbell sets you on. The words run fluidly through you and you too will walk away with tears for the highs and the lows this couple goes through. This is a very inspirational read with many life lessons sprinkled in that make you stop and think. It is a well-thought-out concept of two beautiful, yet flawed people who follow their Christian beliefs. If I could award more than five cups to this story, I would not hesitate to do so.

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