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ISBN: 9781554872305
February 2009
EXtasy Books
84 Pages
Shapeshifter, Romance, Mystery, Paranormal, Series
Rating: 5 Cups

As the Alpha leopard shifter of his clan, Rory Gordon takes his responsibilities toward his people seriously. When the healer for their tribe proclaims their Tree of Life has died, he knows they are in great peril.

As the beta to his leader, Gavin McGregor has been chosen as one of twelve clansmen to seek out another Tree of Life. Rumors of a tree growing in America take the twelve shifters on a fantastic journey that will lead them to a new discovery.

While in one of the many forests they must search, Jenny Owens stumbles into Rory and Gavin’s campsite, terrified for her life. Defending her life becomes their sole priority as her scent tantalizes their leopard, showing the men she is their chosen mate. Scared of her attraction to these powerful and domineering men, Jenny runs away, straight into the men who are out to rape and kill her, leaving Rory and Gavin scrambling to find her before it is too late.

First Caress is a short tale that will grab your attention and hold you throughout this wild ride. Ms. Xander and Ms. Leigh have done it once again, using their talented storytelling abilities to catch your interest with their succulent, domineering men and the strong women who love them. The men are on opposite ends of the spectrum, Rory being very domineering with a ‘He-Man’ complex and Gavin being the smoother; they complement each other in this tale, the perfect characters to complete Jenny and her role in their life. This sensual love story has so much action, adventure, passion, and paranormal elements, it will keep you on edge. With an almost mystic start leading to a cliffhanger of an ending, this is a great read with just enough uniqueness to make you plead for more; I know I am imploring these two wonderful authors to write more tales!

Caution: This tale contains some m/f/m action and red-hot romance!

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