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ISBN:  0-553-58798-6
April 2005
Bantam Dell Books
1745 Broadway, NY, NY 10019
480 pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Trilby Elliott was a green-eyed silvery blonde sprite who started life in Port Rumor as an unclaimed child named after a blanket. Now she is an independent freighter captain and has her own ship, including one DZ-9 droid.   Unfortunately, she just got more than she bargained for when she rescued a crash victim from a jungle’s deep grass.

The Unknown Humanoid was a 6’3” black-haired, well-muscled, good-looking male who claimed his name was Rhis Vanur. Unfortunately, the brilliant, arrogant, cold-blooded 30- year veteran officer of the Imperial military was actually Senior Captain Khyrhis Tivahr. He was considered a genetic manipulation; with no family, no name, and no linage. He did have an infamous temper and he needed Trilby’s ship, the Careless Venture.

Rhis and Trilby have one thing in common besides no family; they need to get the Careless Venture fixed so they can get off the worthless planet where they are stranded. Unfortunately, getting off the planet may well turn out to be the second mistake. Trilby’s old lover may turn out to be the first mistake. He may have a connection to the ‘Sko who tried to kill Rhis and have a kill order out on Trilby. The seductive looks and primal heat that flares up between Rhis and Trilby may just require an amendment to regulations. All they have to do is survive Rhis’ attempt to save the universe from the evil ‘Sko, and life will be perfect.  

Linnea Sinclair has produced a real rarity, an excitingly original science fiction novel. The storyline keeps you flipping pages as fast as you can read. Her characters come alive in front of your eyes. I strongly recommend Finders Keepers to anyone and everyone who enjoys great entertainment. I have read it two or three times and I keep finding new gems. I know I will read it again. Buy the book. Everyone needs it on their bookshelf.

Brenda McCoy
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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