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ISBN# 1-931722-46-3
October 2005
Center Street, Time Warner Book Group
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
214 Pages
Self-defense Manual
Rating: 4 Cups

Mr. DiVito starts by empowering us with knowledge, choices, and statistics regarding who can and will become a victim, reminding us that not only women are at risk, but men as well. Anyone can be a target, but armed with some basic information the reader can‘empower’ themselves with awareness. Know your surroundings at all times, trust your instincts, and be aware that there is no stereotype for the criminal. Those that are portrayed within the media have been typecast for the drama of that project.  

The second part of the book goes into the techniques that you can use if you cannot walk or run away. This is not about picking a fight or bullying someone. It is about defending yourself so you can go home to the people you love and care about. Using pictures and easy to understand language, Mr. DiVito takes you through the steps of protecting yourself in everyday situations. Above all else Mr. DiVito stresses that awareness and calmness are the keys to practice as well as success.

When I first started to read Fight Back, the material held both common sense information and data that I had heard in my own self-defense training. At first believing the information was directed toward the novice, I quickly changed my opinion when he broke down the stereotyping of the different criminals and how they are labeled for society. Now armed with this valuable information, I will defend myself both mentally as well as physically if I am ever in situation I cannot walk away from. I gave the book a keeper rating for it is one that I plan to refer back to yearly as a refresher course much in the same way I would change the batteries in my smoke alarm.

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