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ISBN# 978-1-59426-921-9
October 2007
99 Pages
Shape Shifters Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Benjamin Watts is a werewolf and has been one for only a few years. His pack became the only family he had after his mother died. He loves his new family and feels totally rejected when they give him up to the vampires.

Mistress Valda is the head vampire in Ohio. Her control is contingent upon showing no weakness to the enemy. Should she fail her life as well as her followers will cease. The power of the wolf will give her the strength she needs to succeed.

Ben feels like nothing more than Valda’s pet. She maintains complete control over him and the punishments are severe if he steps out of line. However the rewards are just as great. The bond that he has with Valda ensures his total dedication to preserving her life, as well as enhancing the passion that is ignited every time she feeds. He hates the way he is treated, but at the same time craves her approval as well as her body. Valda must use Ben’s strength to enhance her own. Each time she feeds from him, the power of the wolf courses through her. Any fondness that she shows towards Ben can be construed as weakness, and this she cannot afford. Ben and Valda walk a very fine line. How can Ben love a woman who has basically enslaved him, and can Valda ever recapture a soul long thought dead to once again truly feel for another?

The power between Valda and Ben is explosive. Ben is physical and emotional, while Valda is cold and aloof. Ben is forced to mature and leave behind his childish temper and innocence. Valda lets little of herself show, but glimpses of emotions break through the closer she gets to Ben. He no longer is just a tool, but someone she has come to trust and admire. Together they are a passionate and powerful force. I loved the dynamic between Ben and Valda, and their story is fantastic.

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