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ISBN#: 9781607670100
December 2008
Tease Publishing, LLC
31 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Alex Roberts is living his life as if women are made for his personal pleasure. He has been called to Japan to inherit his grandfather’s estate. Two months before fulfilling the stipulations of the will, he finds out that there is more to the legacy he is to inherit.

Yurie is a Kami, a supernatural being destined to be a spirit for all eternity unless someone chooses to love her. Yurie has followed Alex throughout his life, rescuing him time and again, hoping that he would be the one for her.

Alex must make the right choice before time runs out, or he will lose a lifetime of passion. After their incredible night of passion, Alex begins to see the haunting face of the beautiful woman everywhere he goes. If Alex makes the right choice, he could spend his life loving the woman who has always loved him.

The detail provided regarding the Japanese Hounen Matsuri fertility festival demonstrates the author’s dedication to providing an authentic story. Martha L. McBryar shows how love can be staring someone right in the face and still be overlooked. This is a modern day fairy tale adapted to ensure that every reader understands how true passion can be fleeting and lost forever. Alex, for all his flaws, garners compassion from the very first page. Despite the rushed feeling of the story, Festivals: The Frozen Heart is a pleasing read.

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