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ISBN# (10) 1-59596-239-5/(13) 978-1-59596-239-3
November 2006
Changeling Press, LLC
87 Pages
Menage, Gay/Bisexual, Werewolves
Rating: 4 Cups

Allison Hill has done the unthinkable. She has injected one of her former pack mates with a substance that will render him sterile. Never mind that said werewolf is as gay as they come. This point does not matter to her former pack, and they send the man responsible for pack security after her.

Victor McCormack has always had a soft spot for his Alpha’s half-sister Allie, but even he cannot condone her last act. Never mind that his pack never treated Allie well; instead always making her feel as though she were an outsider. Now she has crossed the line, and it is his job to mete out her punishment.

Allie is stunned when Victor catches up to her and takes her down in a matter of minutes. She wakes up bound and blindfolded in Victor’s mansion. Unsure why she has not simply been brought before the elders for sentencing, she still hopes she will be able to escape. But Victor has other ideas. Instead of pain, he intends to use pleasure to bring Allie redemption. However, when he trusts Allie and gives her a bit of freedom, he thinks she is trying to escape and nearly destroys their chances. Will Victor listen to Allie, or will he lose the one thing in life that he truly loves?

Feral Hedonism is a wild ride; full of action, graphic sex, and a look into hedonistic pleasure and everything that entails. However, there is also love, and I liked how it does not take long before Allie realizes what Victor’s real motivation is for keeping her punishment on his terms. The emotions felt by all the characters, including the secondary ones, were well-evoked and easy to relate to. The world-building with regards to werewolf culture is imaginative. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Savage.

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