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ISBN# Unavailable
September 2005
Chippewa Publishing, LLC
Price: $3.00
23 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Erin has only been a vampire for short time, and can not get the man who turned her, Derrick, out of her mind.  She is even having trouble feeding, but her vampire friend, Kayla, has a plan to help Erin get over her problems.

Derrick turned Erin to save her life, but walked away from her, for her own good. Thinking as only a man can, it is her fault for not finding him.

Derrick has been checking up on Erin through Kayla, who has gotten tired of being in the middle. When Erin does find Derrick, he knows he is in trouble when she walks in on him having sex with two women.

Fang Dysfunction is a cute vampire short story that made me laugh, right up until the really great and very sexy shower scene.  After that I was busy being impressed by the wonderful way Ms. Evans went from writing a charming vamp book to a super hot romance.  This is a very short story, so characters and the plot line are built up quickly. But the story is interesting and kept me page turning from the beginning.  This unique look at vampires is a keeper. I am thrilled to recommend Fang Dysfunction to others.

Anya Kahn
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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