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ISBN# 9781596328303
November 2008
Loose Id LLC
186 Pages
Shape-Shifting/Vampire Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Jo Carter works for Forest Enterprises by helping to protect the wildlife and plant life. Nature calls to her and she loves how her life does not revolve around a nine to five desk job. What her life does orbit around are five intense days of sexual cravings where she wants to mate with any man who crosses her path.

After being jumped, beaten, stabbed repeatedly and left with a knife in his chest, Alek Kavan has been left for dead in an alleyway. Miraculously, he is able to crawl to his motorbike and drive into a cave where he waits for the sun to come up and finish someone’s botched murder attempt. When a beautiful angel lands practically in his lap, his apparent death becomes furthest from his mind as survival kicks in.

Finding herself stranded in a dark cave with a beaten and bloody man is strange enough. Discovering that he claims to be a vampire makes the day that much weirder. With her libido kicking in, Jo finds herself strangely attracted to a man who lives during the night and prefers blood as his food. As their sexual magnetism draws them closer, a deadly enemy continues to stalk Alek, with ties to Jo that makes her question exactly who and what she is.

Ms. Elsborg has written an intense story jam-packed with sexual tension, suspense, action, and heroes hot enough to melt the coldest woman’s heart. While this story is part of the Trueblood series, it can be read as a standalone which makes it all the easier to read. Falling for You has all the great qualities of any erotica novel without the flaws that are usually associated with them. While it mentions sex from the get go and has some extremely spicy scenes, it has a depth that you do not find in most erotica tales. The emotional push and pull of both Jo and Alek is very intense and will have you asking for more even after the story ends.

Caution: This tale contains red-hot romance, some anal play, and light BDSM.

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