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July, 2007
Drollerie Press
Price Unavailable
28 pages
Young Adult Futuristic Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Linnet is a teenage girl who lives in a future world where the rich live high above in the sky, away from pollution and the mutants who clutter the streets. Because her parents have money, they can afford to breathe clean air and live in comfort. But Linnet feels she is freak herself because she has an allergy which made her lose all her hair and now must wear wigs. Her mother only accepts perfection and when she becomes disappointed in Linnet, she punishes her with cruel and taunting words.

One night, a young boy her age by the name of Gecko visits her. He has made a glider for his arms so he is able to fly around in the sky. As Gecko was flying, he saw Linnet one night in her bedroom and fell in love with her. He comes from below but does not consider himself to be a freak like Linnet was told to believe all her life.

Gecko continues to visit Linnet every night and shows her that she is special even with her baldness. He wants her to come down to the ground with him to show her that the television and her parents have lied to her about his people. He does not mind surviving without the sun rays and actually believes the pollution is not as bad as people think it is.

Falling is a wonderful young adult romance with a girl who is so heart wrenching because she thinks she has faults and is not worthy of love. Gecko is an incredibly written teenage boy with an insight and knowledge that most people don’t have. His love sets Linnet free from the restrains put upon by her parents, especially that of her mother. Imogen Howson has definitely captured my interest with this short futuristic tale that left me hungry for more.

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