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ISBN # 978-1-60088-156-5
July 27, 2007
Cobblestone Press, LLC.
112 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Falcon Hunter is under a curse that keeps him in the form of a falcon. Unless the curse is broken, he will remain under it until the end of time. He received the curse by protecting his love from a brutal attack. The only way to break it is to gain the love of the woman he loves. She has been reincarnated but time is running out.

Christina Rainwater has the calling to be healers for her people, only most of them do not trust her, as they consider her a half–breed. She is determined to break that image of her. She has a confidant in the form of a falcon at whom she tells her thoughts and fears. He has been following her for as long as she can remember.

Time moves at a quickened pace and Falcon must get Christina to believe that she is a reincarnation of his wife and that he needs her love to break the curse. Danger surrounds Christina, also lurking in her dreams. Who is the mysterious man that keeps coming to her rescue? As their worlds collide they must come together to defeat the evil force that holds them captive.

What an entertaining story. Falcon Hunter has just the right mix of heat and intrigue that every reader looks for in a great book. Christina and Falcon are a couple that fit so right together and tell a great tale. This is a great read for when you are looking for “something different” from the norm.

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