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ISBN# 978042520754
September 2007
The Berkley Publishing Group, Published by the Penguin Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
320 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romances
Rating: 3 Cups

Zoe Claire is a medium that communicates with the dead via fairies only she can see. These tiny creatures adore her so much they help her by trying to fix everything from her hair to her toaster. Too bad that does not include telling her why her landlord sleeps with everyone in Fairyville but her.

Magnus Monroe escaped from the land of the Fairy and has been living in the human realm for many years. The minute he saw Zoe, he wanted her, but that can never be so he keeps his distance while staying as close as possible, which is sheer torture.

A shocking scandal sent Alex Goodbody fleeing Fairyville and Zoe because he could no longer hide how different he was. Now, as a private investigator, he and his partner are going back and the differences he tried so hard to hide could be the key to his past, as well as his own chance at happiness.

Bryan McCallum is Alex’s partner and this lands him smack in the middle of Fairyville, which is one of the strangest places he has ever been. However, he is happy to go along for the ride as long as he can be with Alex.

Fairvyville is a place where energy or magic runs wild, which affects its residents very strangely. Zoe makes her living as a medium, with Magnus as her promoter. However, their relationship takes a different turn once her old flame Alex returns to town with his new flame Bryan, and he wants to renew their relationship, if only temporarily. This makes Magnus see that if he does not act he could lose Zoe forever. If that is not complicated enough, Alex and Bryan are there to investigate the birth of a little boy, to prove to his mother that he is her child. Alex knows firsthand that in Fairyville, nothing is as it seems on the surface. However, Magnus has a reason for hiding that puts Zoe and everyone else close to him in danger.

I am leery of a book that neglects to mention one of its main characters on the back, as if hiding something, like the fact that it has M/M scenes in it. Bryan and Alex have some wonderfully steamy love scenes, so why not brag about it? We all know that Emma Holly writes great sex; apparently she knows it too, because she keeps shoving it at us in this book in lieu of plot. Zoe and Magnus are the blurb darlings, but he barely gets near her, for plot reasons, which is understandable. What I cannot understand is that I had seen almost everyone naked yet could not ride along on a pivotal plot point. Instead, I was told what happened in a confusing summary surely made as brief as it was so there would be room for all those lush scenes in the previous chapters. The great sex alone rates the three-cup review but this author is off my auto-buy list for a very long time to come.

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