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ISBN# E-book-978-1-59426-394-1/Paperback-978-1-59426-395-8
July 2007
Mundania Press
6470A Glenway Avenue, #109, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211-5222
356 Pages
Dark Fantasy Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Mollie Hardy is a young American with ties to her family’s estates in Ballynaclogh, Ireland. She is different than most young women because she has strong ties to the land and to animals. She has had erotic dreams most of her life of a man that she has never met, until she sees William Cadal for the first time.

William Cadal is not what he seems, but he is willing to do whatever it takes to help Mollie get her bearings and take over the care of her estate and the land. He is very attracted to Mollie. However, he refuses to act on that attraction based on some faulty information that he has.

When Mollie is harassed by a local landowner who wants to purchase Mollie’s estate, Cadal is not happy. When a man who works for the landowner comes upon Mollie swimming in a pond on her land and threatens her, he is astonished when he feels her terror. He of course rides to the rescue, but as much as he wants to act on his attraction, he thinks he cannot. He knows this is hurting Mollie but he does not know why. Cadal eventually discovers that what he suspects about Mollie is true, and their relationship deepens, even going to the point that Mollie agrees to return home with him. However they still have problems, for Mollie will not leave the land she loves until she can be certain that it will be well cared for, even if that means doing something drastic. But the harassing landowner will stop at nothing to prevent her from doing anything other than selling to him, even violence. Will Mollie be able to put her plan into motion before her enemy can stop her? Will Mollie and Cadal be able to get away before something prevents them?

Fairy Dreams is the best bar none fantasy romance that I have ever read! That is saying a lot for me, as I rarely make such comments lightly. Ms. Lyons makes the world of fairies come vibrantly alive while still remaining true to old myths and stories. I found this very refreshing. The action is non-stop. The deep abiding love that Mollie and Cadal discover with each other is so well portrayed that you feel as though you are experiencing it yourself as you read. I highly recommend Fairy Dreams! This is one book that no matter your favorite genre you will not want to miss!

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