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ISBN# (10) 0-7582-2365-X/(13) 978-0-7582-2365-4
January 2008
Brava/Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
Trade Paperback
336 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Devon Caravelle is a concert musician. Alone in the world, both her parents dead, she wants only to play her music and do what she must to get by. However, it is not to be. Her parents were supporters of Bonaparte and the rights of man, making many in England think her father was a traitor since he was English. She becomes a pawn between two men in a game to discover a powerful explosive hidden in Beethoven’s Eroica score since her father embedded the chemical formula in the score, and both men believe that she is the key to deciphering it.

Gray Dalton, Marquess of Blackburn has been playing the spy and using people for his own purposes for so long he does not know any other life. He believes that Devon is the mistress of Le Comte Henri de Maupassant, a displaced French aristocrat living in London. He thinks to use her to decipher the score for England, rather than letting de Maupassant use her for the same purpose so he can use the explosive to release Bonaparte and then give it to him to use to take over Europe.

When Gray allows himself to be captured by one of his lover’s men, he does so in order to meet Devon. However, he does not count on being so attracted to Devon. They work out an uneasy truce of sorts though neither really trusts the other, and Gray wastes no time seducing Devon, but even that does not stop him from sending her to de Maupassant’s bed in order to get the Eroica score. However, Devon turns the tables on both men and escapes with the score. But there is more going on here than either of them realize, and it is only when they begin working together to decipher the score and realize what a terrible weapon it would be, that they also begin to realize how they truly feel about one another. However, when they are both captured by the man who has become their mutual enemy, it is only some quick thinking on Gray’s part that may allow them to get away safely.

Explosive has a very apt title as this book is explosive in more ways than one! The suspense is so strong that I read nearly the entire book in one sitting. Like a great movie, this book just keeps on giving right until the end. The historical details are woven so well throughout this story that I easily believed the fiction as well as the fact. I loved that Gray was not perfect and had faults. Devon was the perfect heroine for Gray with her spitfire attitude as he needed someone to stand up to him. The lovemaking is scorching, and I enjoyed reading about how both Gray and Devon kept trying to deal with the emotional fallout that neither knew how to deal with. This is a stellar story that I willingly give my highest rating!

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