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ISBN# 978-0-263-85876-1 Paperback / 978-1-426-80808-1 E-Book
November 1, 2007
Harlequin Mills & Boon
Eton House, 18-24 Paradise Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1SR
Paperback and E-Book
$4.25 Paperback and E-Book
182 Pages
Modern Romance / Presents
Rating: 4 Cups

Nico Fierezza lives an interesting and stimulating life. His grandfather, King Giorgio, believes Nico should settle down and take over the throne of Niroli. When Nico learns he is soon to be a father, he realizes his fast-paced life may have to change.

Carrie Evans fell in love with Nico. He was her boss and one night during a party, she lost her virginity to him. Unfortunately, he used her like fast food then tossed her away in a garbage disposal. Now expecting his child, she is determined to give him the news.

At twenty-five, Carrie Evans just lost an aunt who never loved her. Of course, in spite of her aunt’s rejection, Carrie loved her. Now standing at the coffin, she is served papers being evicted from her aunt’s home. Her Aunt Mable did not have a house with joy and laughter, she never got over the fact that Carrie’s father had chosen her mother over her. Of course, soon Carrie will have a little one to fill her home with joy but first she needs to inform the father. Nico is the final one to Niroli and the throne. He lives the life he enjoys not yet allowing royalty to claim him. He likes to pilot his plane. When he sees Carrie again, he is surprised and more so to hear she is carrying his child. When she learns he wants medical tests, she is appalled. It is his baby, she honestly assures. He offers her marriage to protect the child. She does not like the idea of a marriage just so the baby will not be born out of wedlock. As Carrie and Nico spar with each other, she knows marriage is the best choice for the child but confessing their true feelings does not come easy.

I found Expecting His Royal Baby a moving story. Carrie is a strong character who has not had many happy moments in her life. She is someone who is not afraid to love but in a way guards herself carefully to not be hurt again. Nico has a lot on his shoulders and I thought deep down he was afraid that because of his royal background he would disappoint his family. I found him a loving man who cares deeply for family. Susan Stephens creates a beautiful romance that kept me glued to the on-going events. The complete setting of being in London and in Niroli, with the palace, was like being right in the center of it all. She has fashioned a lovely tale that is truly enchanting.

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