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ISBN# (10)0-7582-2850-3/(13)978-0-7582-2850-5
September 2008
Kensington Publishing Corp., 850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
352 Pages
Fiction/Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Can't Get Enough by Shelly Laurenston

Ailean the Wicked is known by many names. The one he enjoys best is Ailean the Whore because there are many more women he must taste and bed.

Shalin the Innocence has not seen Ailean for thirty winters. He is the one dragon she found hard to forget and the only one she continues to lust after.

Ailean is known for his versatile skills. He is trying to escape after spending the evening with a young woman whose father is not happy with the situation. He dashes into a library only to run into Shalin. It has been over thirty years and the dragoness is even more beautiful. He never expected her to be living as a human. After a brief conversation he rushes off, but not before planting a lovely kiss on her delectable lips. Shalin still feels the sizzle inside her heart just from the kiss he stole, a kiss that causes disagreement. When Ailean hears she is to be given to another, he takes action. In the midst of her shifting, she finds herself in his castle. He intends to make her belong to him always. Shalin has a hard time resisting his charms. He needs to know if she loves him. It is hard denying her feelings, especially when she must inform her father Ailean has claimed her for her own. Ailean learns he has until the next full moon to mark her as the one true one. He needs her to use her wits to help protect his people and castle. With her knowledge of books, there must be a way to stop any war, if he wishes to mark her as his forever.

Shelly Laurenston takes two unique characters and bonds them in an unforgettable way in this delightful tale. She blends in a family that goes their length to help the other. This awe-inspiring read is a page-turner. Ailean is strong but on the other hand shows a soft side to his nature. He is still sexy and bad to the bone, but in the same company as Shalin, they radiate tons of electric current. I found this steaming read, sensational. I like how it brings out family, duty, honor and following the hearts desire, even after many years of being apart.

Spellbound by Cynthia Eden

Serena Tyme is a witch who knows it is not always easy to summon any demon. The cazador in her presence does appear normal in his attire, but she knows he can use much more than witch and demon powers. She desperately needs his help.

Luis D’Amil learns he has been summoned to Atlanta, Georgia. With a touch of a finger he could instantly bring death to the witch who has brought him forth, but one look at her and he would much rather enjoy her in other ways.

With a simple touch, a cazador can steal away a life, so why has Serena chosen to bring one into hers? She needs help. Someone is trying to harm the coven and she will not allow that to happen again. One long look at Luis, and she knows this is one man she does not wish to make mad. Luis demands to know why of all people, she summoned him. His powers are enough to bring death. One look at Serena, and he sees a sexy, curvy witch, gorgeous as all get out. He has never been attracted to any witch that he could hold tight to himself. Serena knows his skills will go further than any help from the police. She will do anything for his help. Luis decides to take her up on her offer, all he requires is, her body and soul. In no time, their hearts are pulled together but can they willingly give in to the other while finding the one that wishes to destroy the coven?

Spellbound lives up to its name. I was hooked from the first page. I still get the chills thinking about the demon filing his teeth. Cynthia Eden weaves a remarkable tale, wonderfully written, and told in a way to keep the reader glued to the pages as the action immediately begins with the presence of Luis. I love the romance between Serena and Luis. Their sizzling affair, along with the intense, on the edge-of-your-seat dynamite action, really left an impact with this reader. I would love for it to be a continuation.

Turn Me On by Noelle Mack

Beth Danford needs a job after her last one folded in two months. She never imagined her interview would land her not only a great job, but wonderful benefits, and a handsome boss who knows how to push just the right buttons.

Justin Watts owns SpectraSign. He bought the world-class sign company and makes good profits. He likes Beth. Not only is she lovely, but what sets a spark with him, is her intelligence and talent.

Beth majored in marketing but she will not tell her new boss she is a Graphic Design Girl. She needs a steady job, no freelancing. She likes how Justin is an executive who chooses not to brag about his company or himself. He has a born yesterday quality, she likes, along with the energy he radiates upon entering a room. Beth believes good marketing requires reaching people on an emotional level and her ideas grab at Justin. Two months later, one night of a few drinks leads to an explosive erotic charge neither saw coming. Justin knows how to really turn on a woman, keeping her truly satisfied. She begins to wonder where he gets all his money. There is something missing she cannot put her finger on. Can she get past all her questions and allow him to continue being the love of her life? Or will a light go off in her head making her say goodbye?

Turn Me On is hot, steamy and stimulating. The refreshing characters of Beth and Justin are bright and rare, tugging at the reader, taking them into the center of the story. I could practically feel the sensations that course through them. I love the dialogue they spin with each other. Noelle Mack sketches a smooth flowing read that kept me turning the pages. I was so caught up in the conversation that before I knew it, the story was over. It leaves a satisfying glow to the reader.

Everlasting Bad Boys is an interesting read. The bad boys hold some incredible talents with their fingers that thrill and excite their female companions in so many different ways. Three talented artists create spellbinding characters that hold their own in each story. The men are hot, and the women eager to accept any sweet lashing they wish to conduct on their bodies. The action is intense and the stories told in a way the audience never once gets bored. Shelly Laurenston, Cynthia Eden, and Noelle Mack give the readers three steamy, well-developed tales, not to be missed. This assortment of tales is indeed a scrumptious treat.

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