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Coffeehouse Myster Series
  Book 1- On What Grounds
  Book 2- Through the Grinder
  Book 3- Latte Trouble
  Book 4-  Murder Most Frothy
  Book 5- Decaffeinated Corpse
  Book 6- French Pressed
  Book 7- Espresso Hot
  Book 8- Holiday Grind
  Book 9- Roast Mortem

ISBN# (10): 0-425-22177-6 / (13): 0-425-22177-8
September 30, 2008
Berkeley (Division of Penguin Group, USA)
375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014
Paperback and E-Book
$23.95 U.S./$26.50 Canada
352 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Clare has made a new life for herself and daughter, Joy, since the divorce. Of course no amount of ink on the divorce papers stopped any little get-togethers with her ex, Matteo Allegro. She keeps in touch with Matt because of Joy and the Village Blend Coffee business.

Breanne Summour is the editor for Trend magazine. Not only is she prosperous, stylish and beautiful; she has always lived the high maintenance life. Preparing her wedding to Matt may prove hazardous to her health.

Her marriage may have crumbled, but at least the coffee business is still going strong for Clare. Thanks to Matt's elderly mother bequeathing the Blend to both she and Matt and appointing Clare as the manager. At least she and Matt had days where they actually got along which was why she hated turning him down when he needed help with his second marriage. The more Clare learns about Breanne, she wonders is she right for Matt. The girl even announced she would kill Matt if he had a bachelor party. For certain, Breanne is not right for Matt. After a bachelor party is indeed planned and an accident occurs, Clare sets out to unravel the mysterious events that could disrupt the wedding or harm Breanne or Matt.

Espresso Shot is a cleverly done mystery with a great plot, fascinating characters, and an adventure not to miss with the Coffeehouse Mysteries. I fell in love with Matt. He is a realistic person who knows how to capture the readers heart. I liked the way Cleo Coyle molds Matt to be compassionate and caring for both Clare and Breanne. Clare is a strong woman as evidenced by the fact that she helps with the wedding plans to his new wife. Cleo Coyle skillfully crafts a mystery that does not disappoint including some great recipes, too.

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