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ISBN#: Unavailable
October 2007
860 Aviation Parkway, Suite 300 Morrisville, NC 27560
356 pages
Rating: 5 cups

Aisha Norwood had a difficult childhood but is determined to change that and will not settle for anything. Losing her stepbrother was the last straw and she wants revenge no matter what it will take or what she may have to do. In her mind, the scum that sold him drugs must pay. But what will her heart say when she meets the guy who deals them?

Gregory “Bonz” Forsythe loves the life of ease. He works hard to keep his business deals in both drugs and other lucrative things. He must not rely on just one thing or it will not further what he is trying to do. His best friends help him out and they work together doing the best they can. An unexpected pleasure comes his way one night, but will he still find it a pleasure after he knows all the secrets?

Though Aisha wants to know it all, her stepsister Laquetta tells her to seek God and things might just fall into place. Aisha, blinded by her hurt, cannot hear what she is being told. The problem is the more time she spends around Bonz, the more feelings take over her heart and her mind. One conversation had her heart pumping, yet she knows she has to keep him wanting more. Can she convince herself it is worth it to hurt the heart of the man she believes led to the death of her stepbrother? After meeting the guy, she knows she has to stay focused. Bonz is not a man to mess with, but does she still have the guts to go through with it?

Focus got Aisha everywhere she wanted in life but this time would be different. The characters in this book have heart-felt emotions. Anticipation in every move is just another reason I could not put this book down for nothing. I would struggle every time so I could get other things done. Ms. Frazier has a fantastic spiritual story full of great major and minor characters. Even the little storylines on the side kept me reading. This is one author I would definitely recommend to anyone who not only wants a true romance but one that has spiritual undertones as well!

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