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ISBN: (13)9780758220165/ (10)0758220162
May 2009
Kensington Publishing Corp.
$12.95 U.S. /$15.45 CAN
293 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Renee Delaney is scared, not sure what is going to happen; being fifteen, homeless, and pregnant is scary. The thought of having her child taken away has her on the run, but she has no place to go until a kind, old homeless man points her in the right direction.

The trip to a new town and new job has been rife with obstacles, and Craig Houston is ready to throw in the towel. Every five minutes, it seems as if his car is giving him problems, but the minute any mechanic touches it, the car purrs like a kitten. Frustrated with his car and life in general, Craig starts to doubt his usefulness as assistant pastor; however, a kind old homeless man helps guide him to the town where he is most needed.

Welcome to Fairbrook, where everyone is judged for his money, connections, and for who has sinned. When Jesse, an old but kind homeless man enters the town, he proceeds to give everyone the directions and guidance they need in their lives. Kristy is a waitress in a pub who gave up her idea of becoming a doctor when she got pregnant and her grandmother had a stroke. Dawn and Joe help out with the homeless, but seeing all the children is hard because their health makes it impossible to become parents themselves. However, they all must ban together when they find out that Renee is a pregnant teenager who is homeless, especially when an accident may take the child she is trying so hard to protect.

Entertaining Angels is an emotional story that is beautifully written, and Ms. Duarte has astounded me with her artistic ability. To me, Renee is the perfect example of what a true mother is like; even though she is only fifteen, the way she protects her child with her life amazes me. Jesse is the type of person who gets people to trust in him, even though his vagrant appearance gives him an air of trouble. If we could all have our own Jesse to help us out, the world would be a better place. This novel is a powerful and compelling tale of many different lives, some with secrets that have made people so guilt-ridden they have lost their belief; this stunning novel will have you crying and aching along with every character who suffers and celebrates.

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