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ISBN# 1-60441-798-6
February 18, 2008
Publish America
111 E. Church Street, Frederick, MD 21701
327 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Eryn Sterling reminisces of time gone by after laying her great-grandfather to rest. Her mind carries her into a past surrounding a portal that can be good and bad. She had no idea the portal would become a part of her life.

Uriah Prescott runs the Enchanted Inn. He loves Eryn and if necessary will to go to the ends of the earth for her. After learning about the portal, years of their life seem to change in a heartbeat.

Eryn is content with Uriah, but remembering things about her parents make her wish to cross the portal. She recalls how things changed when she lost her parents. The portal is her way of stepping into the past. Nothing told her the man she married in the past would be her true love once she found the escape again to the present. Uriah promises never to forget Eryn whether he steps into the portal to the past or future. When the two are able to connect with each other, they not only find happiness in each other's arms, but a tinge of danger along the way. Both must battle their way through the past again to make things right for their future.

Enchantment’s Embrace is a story that is distinctive in its own way as the reader feels as if they, too, have stepped into the portal, fresh into a fantasy to meet their true love. I enjoyed reading about Eryn and Uriah and their conquest. In all, it was a good book and I could tell Ms. Dressel put a lot of hard work into the settings and time-travel. She allows the reader to share in the connection of Uriah and Eryn and the love he feels for the only woman he wishes in his life. I liked how Uriah and Eryn were able to help and share their life with many in the past and present.

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