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ISBN 0-9772244-3-0
October 2005
LoveStruck Books
183 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Rio has been hired by a mobster to steal the second half of a map to a buried treasure from the Tajan family. She is a dead ringer for their ancestor, infamous bank robber Maggie Fuller. Maggie married a Washoe named Tajan and before she died, she left the map with his family.  

Tajan died with his wife Maggie, escaping from a Sheriff’s posse. He chose death by his own hand with Maggie instead of facing the white man’s justice.  His soul and Maggie’s are bound for eternity, waiting for another chance at life.

Rio, with the help of her purported family and their friends, search for the treasure. She finds that she has an affinity for Maggie and is drawn to the portrait of Tajan in thefamily
home. Rio is much more than she seems, possibly the reincarnation of Maggie? The mobster, Turner, determined to get his treasure, leads to a dangerous situation for the conspirators. They are determined to outsmart Turner and find the treasure.

This is an interesting romance with the theme of reincarnation. The idea of a love that outlasts a lifetime and lives forever is an intriguing one, and the author presents it really well. She also throws in a lot of plot twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing until the very end of a story that is very difficult to put down.

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