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ISBN: 978-60394-124-2
January 2008
New Concepts Publishing
156 Pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Burke Conlan is a Drifter, a mercenary of sorts. His life is a series of jobs, some illegal some not, but nothing to keep him tied down. This latest job however goes against even his own lax moral code, but he is unable to refuse.

Hallandra Irese is the wife of Revered Arad Sterne. She has been bonded to him since she was a young girl, and the choice was never hers. Their marriage is one of tradition and social standing, not one of love.

Burke is disgusted and enraged that he must condemn Hallie as an adulteress. However Sterne is threatening his daughter, so he must take the job. The act of adultery is a criminal offense, and so Hallie as well as Burke are imprisoned in a facility on the planet Zebulon. The planet and its inhabitants are both ethereal and frightening. Burke and Hallie fight for their freedom, and their lives against forces that are almost demonic. They know that they must find a way off of Zebulon if they are to save Burke’s daughter, but that escaping the planet is only half of the battle. The only thing that matters is saving Lese, Hallie knows this and is willing to sacrifice herself. Burke is not so ready to give up on Hallie; his love for her is the only thing keeping him together.

The heart pounding intensity of this story is sure to please. The raw emotions of the characters fill the story with depth and feeling. With each character’s personality coming across so well, they come alive on the page. I also love the amazing detail given to describing the alien planets. It feels almost tactile. Burke and Hallie are united in a common goal that any parent can relate to, and that is the preservation of a child. Everything else is secondary. This book is a fantastic read, and I look forward to more from Ms. Ashley.

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