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ISBN# 978-1-419-91340-2
December 2007
Ellora’s Cave
73 Pages
Paranormal / Menage a trois or More
Rating: 3 cups

The Gatekeepers of the Citadel comprise a triad of three women who are sisters. The oldest is Argent Ben-Alkazar. She has silver hair and eyes and is tired of being a virgin. Next in line is Corallin Tarnes, who is red-haired and enjoys the unpleasant. Finally the youngest is blonde Aureolin Belvoir, she is more playful and fun. Their goddess Morrigunia has promised them a mate, and when they see Eanan, they know he is the one for them.

Eanan Tohre is a reaper and has been called back to the Citadel. He has no idea why he has been summoned home. He has seen Argent and her sisters before but feels they are out of his reach.

When Morrigunia gives Eanan as a mate not to one, but three women, Eanan is less than enthused. He and the goddess have been butting heads for a long time, but this time he thinks she has gone too far. Stunned by how much power the women wield, when they order him to strip or be stripped by guards he feels cornered and trapped. Will they be able to convince him that they are the ones for him?

Embrace the Wind is a powerfully erotic love story between one man and three very influential women. The emotions expressed between the three are very powerful, and I especially liked how the bond between Argent and Eanan developed throughout the story. While I understood how the psychic relationship between the three women worked, I was not convinced that the other two sisters would over time be content with just deep affection from Eanan, while he was clearly in love with Argent. Still I enjoyed reading this story and recommend it to those who enjoy some ménage a trois with their science fiction.

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