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ISBN# 1-897370-33-4 Print/1-897370-34-2 E book
July 2008
LBF Books
1787 Cartier Court RR #1 Kingston, NS B0P 1R0 Canada
$5.95 e-book/$14.95 paperback
298 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Cassie Fremont is a depressed and lonely divorcee. Deciding to take the risk at on-line dating, Cassie soon receives a message from a sweet talking Texan. They decide to meet at Cassie’s sister’s house and after a wonderful weekend, Evan returns to LA with Cassie. Before the week is over, they have agreed that Evan would return to Texas, close his business and return to live with Cassie.

Evan Dennis is a cowboy complete with a big hat he never removes. He does everything for Cassie; gives up his work, moves all the way to LA and is always busy working both at home and at the new business he is starting to build. But does a new business have to cost so much? How will they ever pay all the bills he is running up?

Deep down Cassie knows that something is not right but she turns a blind eye to everything that Evan does. She chooses his love over her family when they confront her with his past. Their ultimatum causes a rift between Cassie and her siblings. Evan uses Cassie’s fear of being alone to keep her where he wants her, while convincing her that he has only her best interests at heart.

This is a sad story of desperation and depression. Cassie’s need to be loved causes her to ignore her instincts about Evan. I felt that if she had had someone to confide in she would not have been so dependent on him. While he appeared to be hard working and devoted to Cassie, it soon became obvious that there was more to Evan than meets the eye. Ms Simpson has based this story on a true incident and I hope that her sister is now happy in her new life.

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