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ISBN# Paperback-978-1-59426-474-0/E-book-978-1-59426-473-3
November 2007
Mundania Press
6470 A Glenway Ave. #109, Cincinnati, OH 45211-5222
Trade Paperback/E-Book
256 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Mike Platoon leader Lt. Thomas Daniel Jackson is heading a team of highly specialized operatives on a mission that could very well change the course of history. He and his team are on the planet Zilith to extract an unknown energy source, before it gets into enemy hands.

Commander Mark Nolan of the HMCS Haida alongside the USS Hunt must engage the Caldarians if they are to succeed in retrieving Mike Platoon. Their only problem is that they are fighting a ghost.

Jackson knows that his team is the best of the best, and the last hope for the Confederates. They are on an alien planet with massive geological eruptions, stalking night creatures, and Black Order Caldarians. Their only objective is to retrieve the compound known as Element, and get out before the Caldarians get their hands on it. The Haida and the Hunt are sent in with the knowledge that they are most likely on a suicide mission. Nolan draws from years of experience, and tries to outfox the Caldarians while keeping his crew alive and retrieving Mike Platoon. The Element will shift the balance of power, and having possession of it will mean absolute control over the galaxy.

This is a spine tingling, nerve-wracking sci-fi thriller. The chilling look through the enemy’s eyes is as poignant and vivid as it is with the main characters. The weaponry, geography, and strategic maneuverings are also expertly detailed. While the patriotism and pride that the Confederates feel for each other will give you goose bumps. I could feel my heart racing, and chills run down my back as Jackson and his crew fight for their lives. Mr. Besse gives the reader a front row seat to the action. His story also has raw emotion, true grit, and a sense of pride that leaves you anxiously awaiting the next installment of Element.

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