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ISBN# 978-1-60202-036-8
April 1, 2007
Linden Bay Romance, LLC
100 Pages
Erotic/Historical Ancient Egypt/Time-Travel
Rating: 5 Cups

Four years ago, Victoria, a modern-day woman, lived with an abusive husband. When his final wrath burst into a heated rage, killing her, she arrives in Egypt inhabiting a body not hers. Victoria has no explanation for taking the body of Mayati, who was dying during childbirth.

Khaemhat was set to put his unfaithful wife, Mayati, away, until her death caused the Gods to bring another woman to replace her. The years he has spent with Victoria have been the best in his life.

When Victoria finds herself in Egypt, it is still a bit hard to comprehend. Since arriving, and marrying Khaemhat, they now have a son, Adjo. Victoria recalls the abusiveness of her first husband, and Khaemhat the wrongs of Mayati. And though he tries to push all the bad feelings away, a visit to his family stirs up past events and recalls troubled memories. After a murder is committed and all implications point to Victoria, Khaemhat uses all his skills, he learned as a priest to help the woman he loves. However, no matter how hard Victoria tries to show she is different from Mayati, Khaemhat sees the unfaithful woman before his eyes. While Khaemhat works to prove Victoria’s innocence, she helps him realize that Mayati is gone and whatever she did in her life, died with her.

Having read Egyptian Nights, I can say that Egyptian Days is an equally breathtaking read. With vivid descriptions, the reader is mesmerized with the romance and passion between Victoria and Khaemhat. The ambience stirs on every page, as well as just a touch of mystery. Jennifer Mueller, once again, scores a rare story. It is seasoned with intrigue and desire that engages the reader and immerses them in the essence of Egypt.

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