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ISBN# (10)1-59414-702-7/(13)978-1-59414-702-9
October 2008
Five Star Publishing
27500 Drake Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48331-3535
274 Pages
Cozy Mystery
Rating: 4 cups

Bailey Green is a Jazz pianist, vocalist and a composer. When she returns to Key West after her mother’s death, she finds Francine Shipton, her mother’s best friend has been murdered. Bailey is devastated by another loss and afraid of the fact a murder could happen in such an exclusive part of Key West. She soon starts to suspect everyone, not knowing who to trust and who to avoid, she agrees to help Zack Shipton find his mother’s murderer.

Wealthy Zack Shipton is the owner of a very successful salvage business. But that does not stop him being at the top of the suspect list for his mother’s murder and he knows it. As sole heir to her fortune and having been verbally against Francine’s plans to donate their home to the homeless Zack knows he needs help. Turning to the only person he can trust, he asks the gorgeous Bailey to help him find the person responsible for his mother’s death.

When Zack and Bailey start to ask questions about the whereabouts of the other suspects, it soon becomes clear only one of them has actually told the police the truth. They also realize very quickly someone does not want them to investigate. Things become more dangerous when Bailey finds a threatening note and they start to suspect there may be a connection between Francine’s murder and a missing homeless man.

I love mysteries. They frustrate me, annoy me and I very rarely get the right answer but I keep reading them. I discounted the murderer more than once convinced it was someone else, but Ms. Francis’ well-written story had me fooled until the end. Although looking back, all the clues where there for the taking, I just did not take them. The characters are strong and colorful, Bailey especially shows her feelings and Zack hides his in a male way expecting everyone to know how he feels without him saying anything.

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