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ISBN# 978-1-906590-97-0
September 2008
Total E-Bound Publishing
300 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Eden Malloy is a struggling student from a poor background. Millionaire heiress Nanci Greene is Eden’s roommate and best friend. After a difficult break up with her boy friend, Nanci invites Eden to her home for the summer with the offer of work in her father’s office. Once there, Eden meets Nanci’s brother, Peter, and is instantly smitten by him. Although Eden knows his reputation, she is determined to not be used and dropped by this spoiled rich boy. Eden agrees to travel to Stockholm with Peter.

Peter Greene is rich and powerful and knows what he wants, usually his numerous mistresses in his many apartments around the world. He meets Eden and does not know what it is about her that he finds so compelling. Peter takes her to Stockholm with him where he has an apartment complete with two of his mistresses. He wants to teach her all he knows about sex.

Peter is confused by his interest in Eden because in the past he was only interested in thin women who look like fashion models. Eden, on the other hand, has full breasts and hips, which fascinate him. He finds as many excuses as he can to stay in Stockholm where Eden is his, knowing that when they return to Miami their relationship must end. These are the rules he made, and they are the rules he must live by. No attachments, no commitments, just a fun time teaching Eden how sex can be shared with more than one partner.

Peter is sure of himself and what he wants. It is a pleasure to watch him learn from the girl he is trying to teach. Eden needs to convince Peter that she is the one he needs, but trapping a millionaire playboy is not an easy ambition to meet. Watching how she manipulates and teases him is wonderful. Eden is a strong and resourceful character who compliments the chauvinistic older man beautifully. Ms Gideon has written a wonderful book that shows that monogamy is not the only type of committed relationship.

This story contains graphic sexual scenes involving f/m/f/f characters

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