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ISBN: 0-9752660-0-4
October 2007
Bushmaster Books
3695-F Cascade Road Suite 2143 Atlanta, GA 30331
293/284 Pages
Erotic Fiction
Rating: 2 Cups

Thai Swannigan is a woman with strong beliefs in chastity, abstinence, and virginity until marriage. She feels that women in today's world give it all too often and too freely. Constantly teased about her high moral characteristics, the feeling of being the only virgin left in the world surrounds her. Charming all those around her, Thai believes herself immune to men's sexual enticement. Her world changes when she spots the man of her dreams and cannot get him from her mind.

Up until the moment he met her, Rique held firm with his "love was not for him" theory. But there was just something about Thai that made him ache inside. He wants to hold onto her forever and at the same time he wants to run from her. Paranoid at how women have used their sexuality against him in the past, Rique will use all his sensual games to conquer Thai's high morals without actually having sex with her.

From the time they meet, Rique and Thai are on a bumpy ride filled with fantasy play and sensual foreplay. As their bodies strain toward each other, their hearts fill with love for one another. Just as they declare their love for each other, an ex-girlfriend comes back in Rique's life. She will stop at nothing to destroy their new found love, as she tries to weasel her way into his bed and his heart.

This was a very hard book for me to understand, it skipped and hopped all over. At some points pages seemed to be missing, leaving me quite confused throughout the story. At the same time, there was information thrown into the book that really did not belong there and threw me off the storyline itself. The timespan of the introduction alone is three years and takes up forty pages of a story I could not grasp the comprehension of. This book just dragged on and on for me.

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