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Kincaid / James Novels
Book 1: A Share In Death
Book 2: All Shall Be Well
Book 3: Leave The Grave Green
Book 4: Mourn Not Your Dead
Book 5: Dreaming Of The Bones
Book 6: Kissed A Sad Goodbye
Book 7: A Finer End
Book 8: And Justice There Is None
Book 9: Now May You Weep
Book 10: In A Dark House
Book 11: Water Like A Stone
Book 12: Where Memories Lie
Book 13: Necessary As Blood
Book 14: No Mark Upon Her

ISBN# (13)978-0-06-115040-1/ (10)0-06-115040-1
February 2007
Avon Books/RandomHouse Inc.
10 53rd Street New York, NY 10022-5299
$7.99 U.S./$10.99CAN.
355 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Dr. Victoria McClellan is a professor of English and a biographer currently working on the life of poet Brooke Ashby. After examining the poet’s personal papers, she begins to suspect the cause of death is not a suicide, but actually murder. During her research she becomes acquainted with Brooke’s close friend and executor, Nathan, who tries to steer her away from any other notion but the one already given. After discussing Brooke’s two previous suicide attempts with her ex-husband Duncan Kincaid, she asks him to look into it. While reading one of Ms. Ashby’s books, she discovers rough drafts of poems that would have completed her last book. What would the addition tell?

Detective Duncan Kincaid is taken by surprise when his ex-wife Victoria calls him out of the blue asking to see him. The scenario she paints and the possibility of it being true convince Duncan to investigate. After speaking with several of Ms. Ashby’s friends, it becomes clear that they were not telling the whole story. What would cause them to close ranks? When Victoria is found dead from heart medication on her kitchen floor, Duncan knows that whatever Brooke’s friends were hiding was important enough to kill for because Victoria did not have a heart condition. Duncan’s obsession with Victoria’s death affects his relationship with his partner and lover Gemma James, who gets involved with the case. What would her research uncover?

Gemma and Duncan read over the missing poems and a clue begins to reveal itself. Their suspicions lead them to meet with Nathan and a discussion about his recollections about college. What he does not tell leads him to take drastic measures. What deed haunts the minds of those left to keep the secret?

Ms. Deborah Crombie has written a suspense filled tome full of likeable characters and plausible scenarios. The major characters were written with a depth that made it easy to follow their reasoning and motivations. The minor details enrich the overall back-story and leaves the reader satisfied at the conclusion. I would suggest this book to anyone into murder mysteries.

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