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ISBN #: 978-1-59596-196-9
July 2006
Changeling Press
48 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Esterion is a Dragon Princess who cannot voluntarily shapeshift. In the polluted Earth of the future, she is a Ranger, fighting along with her mother Omellain, the Queen of the Dragons, to protect the last of the Humans from the mutant Kubolds.

Cerulean has been searching for his mate for a hundred years and is overjoyed to find Esterion. Given the state Earth is in, it is uncertain whether Cerulean and Esterion will have a future together.

Already a dwindling race, the Dragons have been split; some give aid to the humans and some simply watch. Omellain and her daughter have been fighting to save the humans for decades. They must now face certain atmospheric changes and another Dragon who may threaten the future of all.

This is an interesting tale, combining post-apocalyptic Earth with the fantasy world of Dragons. I liked the characters of Cerulean and Esterion, though some of the humor is a bit crude. Their romance brightens up an otherwise very dark and depressing world. I feel like I have missed something with the relationship between Omellain and Pajja because the author leaves us in the dark. This is a good story, but I would advise the reader to read the previous two stories before this one.

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