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ISBN#: (10)160435061X/(13)9781604350616
February 2008
Red Rose Publishing
418 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Alyssa Hawkins was raised never to beg. She has witch and pirate blood in her and has been chosen for greatness. Her greatest desire is to be a warrior—for both herself and for Elisaid.

Prince Xanther is from the royal house of Sinclair, and is confident, calm and at ease in the presence of anyone. When he claims Alyssa for his own, he soon realizes she is a force to be reckoned with.

As a pirate’s daughter, and Elisaid warrior, Alyssa is proud of her heritage. When Drake McAllister, the King’s steward, insists she sell over the West Indies Trading Company, she refuses to give up her father's dream. After being sold into slavery and marked as a prisoner, she vows to escape and enact revenge. Prince Xanther is smitten when he sees Alyssa in a seductive dance. He wishes to claim her, but she insists she will be doing the claiming. For now she must find a lifemate to continue the lineage. When destiny brings Xanther and her together, her plans to kill Drake do not change. After learning more about the mark she bears, will her plans alter as she and Xanther wonder if they can accept each other for who they really are? As their heated desire for one another intensifies?

Dragon Heat is a thrilling read. The whole moving novel emits great visualization of the castle, the dances, and the fights, which are quite engaging. I enjoyed the part when Xanther tells Alyssa she thinks too much. They have great chemistry that really spins within the pages. Missy Lyons weaves a remarkable tale with some stirring action, while showing great courage and strength of the women throughout the pages. She fashions refreshing characters and moving events that this reader found fantastic.

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