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ISBN# Unavailable
March 2008
New Concepts Publishing
32 Pages
Shapeshifter/Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Gabrielle realizes the dragon protects the village. She is also aware it is the same arrogant man who was turned into a dragon who lusted after her but Gabrielle’s heart only lies with Jason.

Jason is Gabrielle’s lover. They have known each other almost all their years. She means the world to him. He tries to ease her worries over the ceremony as best as possible.

The prophecy states the dragon will choose a special woman. The brand she wears on her back will be the same as the dragons. She will be his true soul mate and the Fates will bless their children. The thought of being chosen by the dragon, Randolph, makes Gabrielle cringe. She loves Jason. While some women may feel honored, she looks upon it as torture. Jason dislikes the dragon, Randolph, as much as Gabrielle. He informs Randolph it makes no difference if he chooses Gabriella, because she will still come to him and they will have their nights together. As the day arrives for the choosing of the perfect mate, Jason prays to the Fates to spare his beloved Gabriella from being mated to Radolph, but no one is more surprised then Gabriella when the day arrives.

Dragoness is a delightful read that kept this reader entertained. I could feel the strain that Jason and Gabriella experience while they face many confrontations with Richard. I like the way Annmarie Ortega sketches the characters making them convincing in their actions. The story flows at a good pace to not lose the reader. The passion between Jason and Gabrielle soars and it is easy to see how truly they are in love with each other. If you wish a good story, grab a cozy chair and indulge in this fascinating read.

Caution: This read contains some steamy/erotic scenes

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