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ISBN # 1-934069-56-6
May 2007
Freya's Bower
$ 5.25
75 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Cora Phillips turned her back on a life she did not want or even need. She has spent the past year trying to forget about it and live a normal life. She is learning to live with her nightmares. But once Salim loses control of the dragons, she is sucked back into that strange world that seems to be her fate.

Salim looses control of the dragons and they head back to Cora. He finds that he cannot forget what they shared and tries to protect Cora from the dangers that lie ahead if only he can keep her safe. Is there more to Salim than meets the eye?

As things become tenser, Cora needs to learn more about how handling the dragons. She feels Salim is the only one who can teach her. On the other hand, Salim must convince Cora to embrace her “gift” as it is her destiny. Can they put aside their love-hate relationship in order to make this work out?

Dragon Dance is, for me, a story that fell short of its mark. I felt lost from the beginning because there was no background from the first story. I liked the general plot and the characters had passion. The story started slow, picked up in the middle, then fell very flat at the end. It did, however, leave an opening for the third book. If you enjoy this type of story then I recommend they be read in order as the books in this series do not stand on their own, yet stay a part of the trilogy.

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