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October 2008
eXcessica Publishing
108 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Blyth Monroe has the shock of her life when she opens her vehicle door, only to see her boyfriend having sex with her friend. Tired of lying, cheating men, she decides to take a vacation at her friend's beach house. When Blyth arrives, though, she is in for the shock of her life.

Anthony Street is a domineering man who considers one-night stands part of his normal dating ritual. Always picking women who are good for a quick lay but nothing else helps control the anger within him. A tragic accident from his past leaves him with an empty feeling in his soul and calluses around his heart.

Walking into her vacation home for the next two weeks, Blyth is surprised to hear sounds of sex coming from another room. Checking out the room she finds a man and a woman in stimulating play and turns an accident into voyeurism. When Anthony sees a beautiful woman in the mirror watching his love play, he finds himself wanting her in his bed. But with her broken heart and his scarred past, will these two find a way to become more than a one-night stand?

Ms. Marsden has taken a scandalous story of strangers becoming lovers and turned it into a hot and steamy romance. Double Booked is a sensual story with erotic scenes from bondage, BDSM, voyeurism, and much more. Anthony reminds me of the wounded hero, the man every woman loves to heal. Blyth is a woman who, always comfortable in her own skin, has suddenly become low on self-esteem. The feelings and emotions that come off of these two characters are very realistic and believable. I love how Anthony guides Blyth through her feelings of betrayal, healing her broken heart and fixing his as well. This novella is a wonderfully spicy read that will fill you with hope and wonderment. Great read!

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