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ISBN# (10)0-446-61835-7/(13)978-0-446-61835-9
April 1, 2008
Forever (Hachette Book Club USA)
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
320 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Jordan Bliss is a teacher. Not one to care much for politics, her main concern is to protect children. While in Venezuela, to adopt a young child, Miguel, she had met during the summer; Guerillas put her life in jeopardy. Thanks to some Navy SEALS, she is rescued but Miguel is ripped from her arms.

Chief Petty Officer Solomon McGuire takes his orders serious. Coming home to find his wife gone, taking his young son, Silas, with her, rips his heart out. Silas was the most important thing in his life. After a mission brings him face to face with Jordan, he faces more heartbreak when he must save her and leave Miguel behind.

Once Jordan met four-year-old Miguel, she knew he would replace the loss in her heart. She will do anything to bring him to the United States, but it appears her plans are about to get derailed. Known for his relentless pursuit of an objective, after sixteen years of being with the SEALS, Solomon faces a mission that could change everything in his life. When his orders instruct no extra passengers to board the helicopter, he must take Jordan and leave Miguel behind. Jordan is torn and confused. Solomon can understand her hurt since losing his own son. As fate would have it, Solomon ends up needing Jordan’s help and in turn he will go and bring Miguel back to her. Unfortunately Jordan has her own plans to get Miguel, never realizing the danger she and Solomon could end up facing, as their passion grows within their hearts.

I do not know how Marliss Melton does it but she creates a riveting read that consumes the reader, from the first page to the last. This story is compelling with likeable characters that leave a lasting impression. The secondary characters are even as genuine as the main ones. The thrilling storyline brings on an adrenaline rush while waiting for the outcome. I love the passionate romance and suspense, Ms. Melton sketches in Don’t Let Go. This extraordinary tale is loaded in action-packed excitement that not only captivates but hooks the reader and never lets go until the conclusion. I love the interaction of all the right elements that hold the reader breathless while touching upon the strings of the heart.

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