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E-ISBN 978-1-59705-226-9
POD-ISBN 1-59705-800-9
Wings ePress
August, 2007
E-Book $6.00  POD $10.95
202 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Sophie is forced to leave her home dressed as a boy when her brother loses her in a bet. She is found by the Marquis of Vale on his doorstep. He takes her in for the night, but she is gone by the next day. She meets him again in the country and they become friends, until his father and her aunt try to force them into marriage.

Dominic is the spoiled son of the Duke of Lear, London’s premier rake. He takes Sophie under his wing, teaching her to shoot, fish, and fence, and is happier than he has ever been in her presence. When their families try to force them to marry, he places her in the care of his mother. She is a beautiful woman, but he misses the boy he first met.

A young woman is forced by circumstances to masquerade as a boy. When scandal threatens, she is taken into the household of a duke and brought out into Society. A man who once considered her a friend now considers her something more.

This is an old fashioned novel in the style of Georgette Heyer. It is billed as Regency and is that style, but is really set in the Georgian era. The characters are likable and real, and the author breathes new life into an old genre.

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