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ISBN#: 978-0-7582-2272-5
November 2008
Kensington Publishing Corporation
850 Third Ave, 16th floor, New York, New York 10022
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Cruise Ship Charlie

Charlie Weston is Third Assistant Engineer aboard the Ortensia. This cruise ship travels between London and Sydney, giving the crew and passengers more than enough time to take in the sights.

Petula Kinlan is a VIP passenger on the Ortensia. Her successes in the fashion world have afforded her the time and money to use the Ortensia as a working holiday.

Charlie sets his sights on Petula early in the voyage. He and his mates often scope out the lovely ladies on the cruise ship. It is just a matter of discretion and subterfuge to meet with them privately, since the crew and passengers are not allowed to commingle. Charlie is thrilled when Petula makes it a point to meet him. She is not your average sheila; she goes for what she wants, and usually gets it. They take heat to a whole new level, it is a wonder the ocean does not boil up around them.

This is a pleasure cruise to the extreme. The sex is all inclusive, meaning everyone gets in on the action, f/f/m, and a little exhibitionism and spanking thrown in just for fun.

Southern Seaman

Buck is an Able Seaman aboard the Halifax Star. Still a green horn, Buck learns from the best what it means to have a girl in every port.

Giselle works as a waitress at Le Club de Plaisir. The gentleman’s club is a sexy combination of a burlesque show, and a strip joint.

Buck is still new to sailing, and has never been to France, so he leaves it up to his shipmates Pete and Sam to show him around. Sam takes them to Le Club de Plaisir where Buck meets Giselle. He is instantly smitten, and after the show Giselle gives him a taste of her sweetness. The next stop is Pete’s favorite haunt Madame Séduisant’s. Here Buck takes a walk on the wild side with the lovely Simone. She is a pro, but his thoughts keep coming back to Giselle. Simone teaches him the fine art of pleasuring a woman, and Buck is more than ready to try out his new skills on Giselle.

This story is a journey into manhood for Buck. His character starts out as a young and naïve sailor, fearful and unsure of his abilities. As the story evolves, so does Buck; the boy is left behind, and a man takes his place.

Merchant Maureen

AB Maureen Murphy is ready to report for duty aboard the Honey Rose. This is the first time she will ever set sail without her father by her side.

Roger Trent is Chief Mate for the Honey Rose. He takes his job very seriously, and is more than ready to captain his own ship.

Maureen misses her father terribly, and his death means a move to another ship and another crew where she will once again have to prove herself. Women sailors are a rare breed, and it takes a strong will and back to get beyond the prejudice. The sexy Chief Mate is proving to be her biggest hurdle yet. Roger is not at all happy with having Maureen aboard. She is much more than just a distraction, especially for him. Her red hair, temper, and libido make her an even match for the stubborn Brit. They may actually learn to love one another, if they do not kill each other first.

Passion and tempers ignite on board the Honey Rose. Maureen and Roger are two characters so evenly matched that they fight as much as they love. They make for a fabulously sexy story, and definitely my favorite.

Hang on tight; these stories will really rock your boat! The love scenes are potent and very explicit, with a little multiple partner play in the mix. Ms. Kozak delivers enough heat to scorch, but she does it with style. Her characters are fun, spunky, and the storylines really engage the reader. I especially enjoyed Merchant Maureen for its strong dominating characters. Sit down, put your feet up, and enjoy the ride; I know I did!

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