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ISBN# 978-0-9818905-1-7
July 2008
Lyrical Press
74 pages
Romance Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Sharadzi is the last Djinn; her brothers have all disappeared over the centuries since her birth to The Burning Rose People. Sharadzi now only lives to serve her master, whoever that may be. Without a master, she is returned to the beautiful bottle her father made when she was born. Returned to an unbearable nothingness, anyone is better than that. All her previous masters have been exciting, good or bad, it is always an adventure.

Sharadzi’s master is dying. He has to choose carefully who will inherit her on his death. He has decided to allow each of his three favorite employees time alone with Sharadzi. Joss wants to change the world and loves every part of the last Djinn; Rich likes the passion and secrecy of owning such a being; and Alex just wants her at any cost.

This is a very imaginative short story, Sharadzi’s ability to see the positive in every situation is refreshing, without being unrealistic. Sharadzi loves Joss for his kindness and wish to know every part of her. While appreciating Alex’s single minded ruthlessness and Rich’s need for love, faithfulness and honesty. This story’s use of explicit sexual scenes and unique gender exchange add a believable edge to the story, not often found in books of this length.

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