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ISBN # 978-1-60370-047-4, 1-60370-047-1
June 13, 2007
Torquere Press Publishers
143 Pages
Gay erotic romance, supernatural/horror
Rating: 5 Cups

Jacob is an archaeologist who has been hiding out in the mountains doing his own thing and trying to avoid an old love. He seems to be content, and then he gets a phone call that he is needed in Sardinia because his mother, along with others in her archaeology team, has been brutally murdered. The only person to survive the slaughter and is still missing is his ex-lover. Jacob sets off to find out what really happened.

Caleb is Jacob’s ex-lover. He cheated and lied but he still loves Jacob. When Jacob’s mother, the famous Dr. Keys, made a wondrous discovery she included him in the find. But the find released a whole world for which no one was prepared. Can Caleb survive long enough to protect Jacob, and is there hope for a reunion?

When the discovery of bones and wings and other objects are found, the team never imagined the carnage that was about to take place, nor who it would effect; from Jacob and his mother, to his ex-lover and friends, and even innocent people. It is a race against time to defeat something truly evil.

Exciting! Nail biting. These are just some of the things you will feel after reading this book. Diggers has so much intensity packed into this little story it will leave you reeling. Awesome characters that fluidly interact with each other and there is non-stop action. Add a touch of humor and a splash of romance that rounds this book out to leave you with one great read. I, for one, had goose bumps and chills throughout the book. Ms. Coleman weaves this tale so well you will not want to put it down.

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