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ISBN# 9781419915369
June 2008
Cerridwen Press
225 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Nikki Jones is the top female helicopter pilot in the United States Army; the only female pilot to work with Special Forces. She is also withdrawn, competitive, and private to a fault, allowing no one anywhere near the real Nikki. After her mother’s murder seventeen years ago, the authorities put Nikki into the foster system where she found no stability in life, until she joined the army. Having learned at a young age the only person you can rely on is yourself, Nikki finds it hard to trust anyone, especially Marshall Eastwood, the sexy sniper with a hero complex.

Marshall Eastwood has seen everything. As a Special Forces sniper, he has watched and killed too many of the world’s dregs not to care about the people in his life. Women should not have to deal with these things and a woman in Special Forces is wrong; especially a woman like Nikki Jones. Unsure what it is about her, other than pure lust, Marshall decides to find out. Landing himself into the middle of a seventeen-year-old nightmare brought frighteningly back to life after the release of Nikki’s mothers murderer.

When Nikki returns home from an overseas assignment to find that Allan Vargas, her mother’s murderer, has been released on parole, all her old fears return. Marshall knows something is bothering Nikki, and he soon realizes how serious the situation can get. Although he promised not to tell anyone, Marshall sends someone to ‘observe’ Vargas, only to find there is more to Vikki’s past than she has ever told anyone.

What an amazing book; it is non-stop action start to finish that grabs you and just keeps going. Ms. Gray has brought her two characters together with sparks that go further than the bedroom. Nikki’s emotional growth through the story is a pleasure to read; this independent, successful, and very single woman learns to not only trust, but also to love again. Marshall is a well-developed character from the beginning, knowing who and what he wants to be, although he is shocked to realize he is in love with Nikki and he takes it in his stride until she risks her life.

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