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ISBN (13) 9780446616911
ISBN (10) 0446616915
September 2007
Hachette Book Group
237 Park Ave, New York NY 10017
592 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Sophie Johnson is an archeologist reluctantly playing dress up at museum to pay the bills while secretly yearning to work on a real dig. Unfortunately for her, she is about to get her wish, but the digging she is about to do is at the site of some very recent graves.

Vito Ciccotelli goes to the site of a murder on the anniversary of his wife’s death. However, he puts all that behind him when he finds out he has to locate multiple graves as soon as possible to stop another murder. To do that he enlists the aid of Sophie and begins a mutual if reluctant attraction between them, unfortunately it fuels the serial killer’s murderous rage as well.

When a body is found posed in a way reminiscent to medieval torture, Sophie is called in to help. She does so with reluctance because the deaths remind her of a past best left forgotten and Vito has a tragedy he would like to forget as well. What these two cannot forget is their immediate and strong attraction, even though both try to ignore it. Another victim disappears and it is a race to find him before it is too late. As they get closer to finding out his identity, he goes after Sophie, and soon it becomes apparent that he might have been much closer to her than they thought. Close enough to make her die for him.

The entire cast of characters are realistic and vivid, from the small role of immigrant worker in the library all the way up to the tortured hero and the emotionally stunted heroine. They will stick with you long after you have closed the book. Die for Me is a tense, well plotted and thrilling read that kept me turning the pages long after I should have gone to bed. A sleepless night is a small price to pay for reaching the edge of the seat conclusion that is surprising, satisfying and still manages to be just right. I will gladly pay that price for one of Ms Rose’s books any day of the week.

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