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ISBN: 9781400074235/ 9780385732628/ 9780375891830
September 2007-Hardcover/March 2009-Paperback/March 2009-eBook
WaterBrook Press
Hardcover/trade paperback/eBook
240 Pages
Juvenile Fiction/Mysteries & Detective Stories
Rating: 5 Cups

The Finch family, a Christian family in New York, is taking a refuge family in from Africa. Some of the family members are excited to welcome these foreigners to America. Jared, the son of the Finch family, is not yet ready to accept these strangers into his home.

The Amabo family seems strangely apathetic, not talking to each other or reacting in any way to their surroundings. For each of them, beginning anew in America means something different, a new start that will let the family members leave their past and its secrets behind.

Andre Amabo has no hands with which to work, so Kara Finch gets the ball rolling in getting Andre’s hands restored with prosthetics. Celeste Amabo wants to work and not depend on the kind Americans forever, so they find her a job at the local motel cleaning bathrooms. For Jared and Alake Amabo, they each have their secrets, some of which have caused death and destruction and may have unforeseen consequences for everyone they have come in contact with. While only four of the Amabo family have been welcomed into the Finch’s home and hearts, there is a fifth refuge who has secretly followed, someone willing to kill to get what he wants.

Diamonds in the Shadow is a tale of intense faith, hope, and emotion; Ms. Cooney will give you an up close and personal tour of how far some people are willing to fight to be free from their past. For me, Jared is the epitome of what a true Christian is, coming to love the African refugees when he fought so intensely against helping them in the beginning. Seeing how Martha ‘Mopsy’ Finch uses her optimistic attitude and happy-go-lucky mannerisms to open everyone’s heart was amazing, especially how close she comes to feel toward Alake -- as if she is her true sister. What surprised me the most is how effortless this book was to read; it was very easy and smooth and the next thing I knew, the story was over, and I had this sappy smile on my face and feelings of goodness throughout my heart. This novel has an epic array of impressions that push upon us as readers, and it definitely does its work, giving us the feeling that hope and faith are still alive today.

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