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ISBN#: 978-1-934475-33-1
December 2007
Amira Press
126 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Madison Lee Winters has built her own successful lingerie business from the ground up with an inheritance from her grandmother. She is estranged from her father, who she caught in an adulterous position with his secretary.

Tyler is also estranged from his father. He is an important executive in the Winters Agency and is in line for a promotion to the board, that is, if his friends do not mess everything up with one of their silly bets.

From the start of their tempestuous relationship, Madison and Tyler’s feelings for each other are anything but lukewarm. Madison has difficulty in trusting men and is very protective of her family, making it hard for Tyler to get close. He is however, a very determined man, particularly after she goes with him to his grandfather’s funeral and is nothing but supportive. A crisis in her own life is more difficult and she refuses to allow him in.

I really enjoyed this story. The interaction between Tyler and Madison is often explosive and never boring and their love scenes are more of the same. I loved the Madison character. She is very protective and loving towards her family, also a little judgmental, but not without reason. Tyler is a bit of a player in the beginning, but as the story develops the reader sees that there is much more to Tyler. The incident in the beginning of the story seems a bit out of character, but then the sister Jasmine’s predicament seems a bit out of character for her too. The author is very good at emotional scenes; they are dramatic but not melodramatic. I particularly liked the scenes set during the couple’s time in Texas. This story has humor, drama, great love scenes, and a very exciting climax.

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