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Myth and Magic Series

Book 1: Destiny Kills
Book 2: Mercy Burns

ISBN#: 978-0-553-58960
October 2008
Bantam Dell
1745 Broadway, New York, New York 10019
Mass Market Paperback
321 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Destiny is a water dragon with an air dragon for a father. For the last ten years she has been imprisoned with several other dragons including her mother and her lover and been forced to undergo many tests and experiments. Now she is on a beach in Oregon, Egan is dead, and she is not sure how she got there.

Trae is a dramen or half-dragon and a thief. His half brother requested his help and he is to meet Egan and Destiny, but now Egan is dead and the scientists and hunters who chase them are now after him too.

Destiny is determined to shut down the inhuman lab that was her prison for the last ten years. She is also determined to free her mother and the dragon children she was forced to leave behind. They have killed her friend and lover, but his half-brother is willing to help her for a price.

Ms. Arthur has written an inventive story with great characters, romance, suspense, humor, and dragons. Destiny, the water dragon, is brave and beautiful, and Trae, the half-air dragon, is equally brave with a wicked sense of humor and lots of sex appeal. Dr. Marston and the scientists under his command are as inhuman as they think the dragons they study are. The settings in Oregon, Maine and Scotland are vividly described as is the secret lab. The author has created a completely separate world within our own, making it and its dragon inhabitants are just as real. Destiny and Trae's love story is fraught with danger and suspense that left me on the edge of my seat. The dialogue is witty, the plot is engrossing and I particularly like the ending, it is very satisfying.

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