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ISBN #978-1-60313-303-6
January 1, 2008
Whiskey Creek Press
172 Pages
Rating: 3 cups

Desire Under the Falls

Samantha Reece works with her lover and long-time partner Thorne in his business. She harbors a terrible secret and because of this secret wants to find a third to join them in both their professional and personal relationship.

Thorne Marshall loves Sam and is willing to have an open relationship with her. He will even allow her to choose another woman to join them.

Penelope Donatello is a model turned photographer who has had some very bad luck in both her personal and professional life. She is not looking for a relationship, so she is astonished at her instant attraction to Sam.

Sam approaches Penelope and compliments her as both a photographer and a former model. However, Penelope does not know quite what to think. The fact that Sam is even interested in talking to her professionally and possibly personally has her slightly confused. Will she take Sam up on her offer to meet with her and Thorne at their home to show them her portfolios, or will she choose not to?

Desire Under the Falls is an engaging although unusual love story. The way love blooms between these three and the final outcome of it all makes for very erotic reading. I liked the way the relationship grew with this threesome and especially liked the Niagara Falls setting.

Desire in the Snow

Layla Wells is a former actress in the adult film industry. She now owns and operates a sex club and is a dominatrix. Layla has a lover but their relationship is open with the agreement that should they find someone to love, they will part ways amicably.

Cash Holden owns and operates a bed and breakfast with his best friend and lover Nash. In addition, they are both dominants. He has a secret that only Nash knows, yet he has not revealed all to Nash. Upon meeting Layla Cash feels something right away for her.

Nash McCormack has had his heart ripped out once already by a former lover. This emotional pain was so severe that he has avoided relationships with women for years. Instead he hooked up with Cash and they have had a strong personal and professional relationship for the last seven years.

Layla has no idea how much her life is about to change when her car breaks down just outside of Cash and Nash’s bed and breakfast. She is instantly attracted to Cash. For the first time in her life Layla wants to be a submissive rather than a dominatrix which confuses her. After meeting Nash she has the same instant attraction to him as well and it is not long before these three form an unbreakable bond. But the secret Cash holds is a deadly one and could easily throw this threesome into an emotional spin.

Desire in the Snow is a well written story about a relationship between three very unique individuals. The author does an excellent job of getting Layla’s emotions across, as well as her lovers. While I did think Layla’s reaction to the two men could have been a little more drawn out, I still enjoyed reading about this trio’s love story.

I enjoyed reading both of these stories. They are well written and the strong love bonds are well described. I enjoyed the unique settings in both stories, and the author does a great job of describing the locations so that the reader feels as though they are actually there. However, both these stories are very graphic and not for the faint of heart. Fortunately, the author does an excellent job of weaving emotions with the graphic sex making the stories fun to read.

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